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Liquid-applied DPM. Applied by brush, roller, or spray. Use as a DPM on floors, walls, and wall-floor junction.

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DryBase Liquid Applied DPM

DryBase Liquid-Applied DPM (previously known as DryBase Vapour Membrane) is a single-pack barrier coating that is supplied ready to use straight from the tub or pail. The product is supplied in black or white with a consistency similar to that of thick emulsion paint.

Once applied, the product cures to form a membrane that is flexible and elastic. DryBase Liquid-Applied DPM is water-based and can be applied to damp substrates by brush, roller, or spray. The applied product is typically touch-dry in one hour.

Once cured Drybase Liquid-Applied DPM provides a barrier to damp and ground gases (including radon, carbon dioxide, and methane).

Each 5 litre pack will cover up to 4.5m2 depending on the substrate surface texture.

Typical applications for DryBase Liquid-Applied DPM include:

  • Gas barrier (radon, methane, carbon dioxide)
  • DPM for floors
  • Damp-proof barrier Flood resilience and mitigation
  • Isolating embedded timbers (e.g. to protect against dry rot)
  • Damp-proofing of reglet joint
  • Bunds and silage tanks.
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