Vinylester Styrene Free Resin

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Vinylester Styrene Free Resin 380ml

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Pure Vinylester Resin is a high strength resin suitable for use in concrete, brickwork and most natural stone.

Approved for use in contact with portable (drinking) water.

It can be used with a variety of studs, sockets and reinforcing bar


Thread DiameterM8M10M12M16M20M24M30
Drill Hole Diameter10mm12mm14mm18mm25mm28mm35mm
Clearance Hole Diameter9mm12mm14mm18mm22mm28mm34mm
Min. Hole Depth80mm90mm110mm125mm170mm210mm280mm
Min. Hole Embedment80mm90mm110mm125mm170mm210mm280mm
Loads for 30N/mm² Concrete       
Recommended Tightening Torque7Nm11Nm25Nm50Nm115Nm140Nm280Nm
Recommended Tensile Load4.0kN5.0kN7.3kN11.2kN19.9kN26.4kN46.5kN
Recommended Shear Load3.8kN6.2kN9.0kN16.3kN25.3kN36.5kN56.5kN
Minimum Spacing80mm90mm110mm125mm170mm210mm280mm
Minimum Edge Distance60mm70mm85mm100mm130mm160mm210mm
Loads for 20N/mm² Solid Brickwork       
Recommended Tightening Torque4Nm7Nm11Nm25Nm   
Recommended Load in any Direction1.5kN3.0kN4.2kN5.1kN   
Loads for 7N/mm² Concrete Blocks       
Recommended Tightening Torque3Nm6Nm10Nm23Nm   
Recommended Load in any Direction0.9kN1.4kN2.5kN4.0kN   

Due to the variable nature of Brickwork and Blockwork these figures are for guidance only
When fixing to Brick or Blocks only 1 fixing per brick or block is recommended.

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